Special alloys for structural parts drive growth

Jan 14, 2014 | At the EUROGUSS trade fair, which is being held from January 14 till 16, 2014 in Nuremberg, TRIMET Aluminium SE is presenting itself as a strong partner to the automotive industry. The growing demand for aluminum die casting structural components is proving to be a driver of growth for the base metal specialist. Among the key products for the market are the special alloys which TRIMET partly develops in conjunction with its customers.

Aluminum is already the most important lightweight material in the automotive sector and this is set to continue: demand is growing for new aluminum solutions and applications. That’s because aluminum is also increasingly being used in mass-produced vehicles – for engines, vehicle bodies, structural components, and chassis. TRIMET expects further growth in this division over the coming years. It will be especially driven by orders from well-known automobile manufacturers wishing to produce complex and highly stressed die casting structural components.

“Our material has demonstrated in impressive style that efficient lightweight automobile design is inextricably linked with aluminum and this will continue to be the case in future. In terms of its development, aluminum is still a long way off reaching its zenith,” says TRIMET board member Luigi Mattina.

TRIMET supplies all well-known automobile manufacturers and suppliers with custom solutions and lightweight components. Among the key products for the market are the special alloys which TRIMET develops in its own laboratory. “TRIMET has made a name for itself as a successful development partner and system supplier to the automotive industry,” says Mattina. “The growing demand and customers’ trust are testament to the quality of our products and our aluminum as a product for the future.”

Over the last decade, TRIMET has invested around 200 million euros in expanding the production plants in Harzgerode and Sömmerda in order to enhance its product portfolio and meet the needs of its growing client base in the automotive industry. Besides structural components, the focus in the automotive division is on gearbox and clutch casings as well as mechatronic components for direct-shift and dual-clutch gearboxes. In addition, TRIMET has been the sole supplier of chassis parts for a well-known German automobile manufacturer since 2009. The chassis parts are produced by means of the permanent mold casting process in Harzgerode using a dedicated and highly automated gravity casting plant.

By: Wolfgang Nübold