TRIMET and Sira cooperate in the automotive sector in Europe and China

Jan 14, 2014 | TRIMET Aluminium SE and Sira Industrie S.p.a. have signed a cooperation agreement as part of a joint venture. The cooperation between the German aluminum producer and the Italian die casting specialist involves TRIMET’s current automotive activities in the area of die casting and especially Sira’s Sirpress plant in Nusco, near Avellino. By pooling their products and services in a wide range of application areas, both companies wish to take advantage of technical and commercial synergies to meet the growing demand for light metal components in the automotive market.

“The demand for complex aluminum components will continue to rise in the automobile manufacturing industry. With our combined technical expertise and many years of experience, we will achieve even stronger growth in this market of the future,” says Thomas Reuther, board member at TRIMET Aluminium SE.

“With a broad portfolio of special die casting processes and our company’s long-term and sustainable focus, the cooperation also has prospects beyond Europe and will be first and foremost extended to China,” says Valerio Gruppioni, president of Sira Industrie S.p.a.

With regard to this option, both independent, family-run businesses have signed a letter of intent that allows for an extension of the cooperation to include the Sira Aluminium Product di Jinghai – Tianjin production plant in China, which Sira has been operating for more than ten years, so that both companies can meet the ever-growing demand among automobile manufacturers on the Chinese domestic market.

By: Wolfgang Nübold