TRIMET wins the “NRW – Wirtschaft im Wandel” award

Jan 15, 2015 | A high-caliber jury has distinguished TRIMET as an example of a successful transformation process. In the age of the energy turnaround, TRIMET has secured production, and thus local jobs, thanks to innovative measures.

In December 2014, as one of 20 companies, TRIMET was honored as an example of the innovative strength and sustainability of the industrial location North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). The jury – which includes patron and NRW Minister of Economic Affairs Garrelt Duin – made the selection from 100 applicants. As a prizewinner, TRIMET will be featured in a series published in the Rheinische Post and honored this February at an event in Düsseldorf’s Department of Commerce. TRIMET Management Board member Dr. Martin Iffert is delighted with the award: “This prize pays tribute to the dedication of our entire staff. The entire TRIMET family can be proud of it.”
North Rhine-Westphalia is still seen by many as the land of coal and steel, although with these commodities, its economic power has dwindled since structural changes got underway. The competition “NRW – Wirtschaft im Wandel” (“NRW – Economy in Transition”) was launched by the well-known initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas,” the Rheinische Post, the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW), and Deutsche Bank to show that this clichéd idea of NRW is outdated. On the contrary, there are many different innovative and successful companies in NRW that are turning this federal state into a dynamic industrial location – even in the 21st century.
Ariane Derks, Executive Board member of “Germany – Land of Ideas,” was quoted in the Rheinische Post about the competition: “Never before in the context of our nationwide projects have we received so many applications from North Rhine-Westphalia.” The jury placed particular emphasis on measures that ensure a company can stay fit for future challenges. Increased flexibility in aluminum production, the provision of interruptible loads, and the development of the “virtual battery” are examples of how innovative TRIMET is today. “Being one of the winners of this competition, especially as a producer of primary metal and high-quality aluminum alloys, is an endorsement of our work. We are showing that with total commitment, highly qualified employees, and creative ideas, a company can continue to be successful in NRW. TRIMET is not standing in the way of the energy turnaround. Instead, it is part of the solution,” explains Iffert. For instance, TRIMET’s intelligent load management and the associated effects on stability in the power grid were highlighted by the jury during the announcement of the winners.