Happy Birthday TRIMET - 30 years of passion for aluminum

May 7, 2015 | TRIMET Aluminium SE is turning 30. The company, which was founded in 1985 as a metals trading enterprise, has evolved over three decades into a materials specialist for the aluminum processing industry. In addition to metals trading, Trimet produces primary aluminum, manufactures castings for the automotive industry and other industrial sectors, and reprocesses aluminum alloys.

Since its founding as a pure metals trading company in 1985, the family-run, medium-sized enterprise TRIMET Aluminium SE has developed into a materials specialist with eight production locations. From the very beginning through to the present day, a consistent customer focus, innovation, and employee commitment remain critical to its success.

With eight production plants in Germany and France, the family-owned business has held its ground in the international competition, particularly with customized materials and processes. TRIMET takes customer proximity very seriously, as a majority of the products are delivered and processed regionally.

The potential of aluminum as a modern light metal, particularly in the automotive manufacturing and energy industries, is far from being exhausted, Iffert explains. Therefore, the medium-sized company continually invests in the expansion and modernization of its production facilities as well as in the training and education of its 2,700 employees. Trimet has won several awards for the quality of its training and the successful integration of new employees into the company.

TRIMET was founded in 1985 by Heinz-Peter Schlüter as a metals trading enterprise in Düsseldorf. In the 1990s, the company expanded into aluminum production with the acquisition of an aluminum smelter in Essen and a recycling plant in Gelsenkirchen. Today, Trimet operates four aluminum smelters, two recycling plants, and several foundries at eight locations in Germany and France. The company produces about 700,000 tons of aluminum products annually.

By: Nicolas Pohl

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