"The Bridge Builder" sculpture commemorates Heinz-Peter Schlüter

Feb 20, 2018 | In front of the administrative headquarters of TRIMET Aluminium SE in Essen, an aluminium arched bridge commemorates TRIMET founder Heinz-Peter Schlüter. The striking monument is a gift from the Schlüter family. The sculpture, created by the Düsseldorf sculptor Thomas Schönauer, bears the title "The Bridge Builder" ("Der Brückenbauer").

It consists of two arches which together form a bridge by supporting one another and overcoming the space that separates them. The artist was inspired by Heinz-Peter Schlüter’s personality, bringing a character trait to the fore that has also decisively shaped and will continue to shape TRIMET’s basic understanding. Schlüter was able to bring people, ideas and concepts together. He did not allow himself to be thrown off course by seemingly irreconcilable contrasts.

Heinz-Peter Schlüter was a bridge builder. His presence can still be felt at TRIMET, even more than two years after his untimely death. The company utilizes many bridges that Schlüter built and continues to build on his example. The sculpture “The Bridge Builder” is thus both a monument and a thought-provoking impulse in the best sense of the word.

By: Wolfgang Nübold

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