TRIMET offers employees free colon cancer screening

Mar 28, 2019 | TRIMET Aluminium SE now offers its employees a free test for the early detection of colon cancer. All 2,300 employees at TRIMET’s production locations can undergo the screening test, in which their samples are tested by a medical laboratory for signs of colon cancer.

“The health of our employees is a valuable asset at TRIMET,” says Thomas Flesch, Chairman of the Works Council at TRIMET Aluminium SE. “In addition to preventing accidents at work, we therefore also promote preventive health care outside the gates to our plants. Every year, 62,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with colon cancer. The disease proves fatal for 26,000 of them. Early detection can prevent the onset of the disease. A colonoscopy offers the safest means of early detection. One simple form of prevention is a fecal occult blood test. 

From April 1 to May15, all TRIMET employees can take this test free of charge. Their family members can also undergo the screening at a reduced price. Upon request, they will receive the test kit and can send their samples to the laboratory, which will then transmit their test results after analysis, if applicable with instructions for further medical examinations and treatments. The costs of the laboratory tests will be underwritten by the family business. 

By: Wolfgang Nübold

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