TRIMET calls on its employees to vote

Apr 6, 2019 | TRIMET Aluminium SE is calling on its workforce to vote in the forthcoming European Parliament elections. The family-run business is using a poster campaign across all its production sites to urge its employees to exercise their right to vote on May 26, 2019 and make their voices heard in Europe.

“We can only survive in a world of growing global challenges with a strong European Union,” says a convinced Philipp Schlüter. The chairman of the board of TRIMET Aluminium SE points to the importance of the single European market to the medium-sized company and its jobs. 

The call to vote underlines the vital role played by a united Europe in ensuring peace, stability, and prosperity in our society. Now more than ever, Europe needs every vote. “We must preserve the things that are important to us,” says Schlüter. “That is why we must not place power and influence in the hands of those who would frivolously compromise Europe’s achievements.”

By: Wolfgang Nübold

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