You want a highly ductile alloy – we give you trimal®-37

The trimal®-37 alloy (AlSi9Mn) has been specially developed for the die casting process. It is supremely ductile in its as-cast state compared to conventional die casting alloys, which is demonstrated by its good elongation and energy absorption capabilities.

Accordingly, trimal®-37 is especially suitable for applications which require good ductility without heat treatment.

With a silicon content of around nine percent, the castability of trimal®-37 is excellent, making it suitable for casting even the most complex of structures. The low iron content inhibits coarse intermetallic phases, while manganese prevents adhesion to the mold. When modified with strontium, the eutectic silicon phase is so fine that it cannot be observed under a light-optical microscope even at 1000x magnification.

Copper, zircon, and manganese provide the necessary strength at room temperature and also ensure good heat stability at higher temperatures. The silicon is already globulized through short-term annealing far below the blister temperature, which means the ductility can be increased even further. The low magnesium content of less than 0.08 percent prevents the material from aging.

Chemical composition

% Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Mo
Min. 8.5   0.02 0.3    
Max. 10.5 0.15 0.05 0.6 0.08 0.3
% Zr Zn Ti V a.G. Rest
Min. 0.1     0.03    
Max. 0.3 0.05 0.06 0.10 0.15 Al

Mechanical properties

The following mechanical properties were measured using real parts and represent reference values for the use of this alloy.

Temper Yield strength Rp0.2 MPa Tensile strength Rm MPa Elongation A % Hardness HB
F > 130 > 290 > 7 > 75
T0 > 85 > 190 > 10 > 75

Short- and long-term heat stability

Measured on a wall thickness of 2–3 mm. The alloy has been modified with strontium.

State Emodul GPa Rp.2 MPa RM MPa A %
205°C - 60min. 65 134 280 10
150°C - 1000h 65 135 250 11


The trimal®-37 die casting alloy

  • has outstanding casting and mold-filling behavior
  • can be easily removed from the mold
  • has high heat stability
  • is highly ductile and very strong
  • has good corrosion resistance
  • is suitable for welding using all common welding methods

trimal®-37 product information sheet

Download the product information sheet for our trimal®-37 die casting alloy here.

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