You need your aluminium the following day – we ask you “What time?”

Unforeseen changes don’t worry us, they make us creativeUnforeseen changes don’t worry us, they make us creative

We are committed to fulfilling your order as agreed. No matter whether you need extrusion billets or remelting ingots from our foundry, or a different material procured for you by our traders, simply get in touch with your contact person, because they will do all they can to ensure that the goods are delivered to you as soon as possible – and that generally means within the next 24 hours.

From 7 till 7: the TRIMET service promise

You have been able to depend on our service promise since 1985: we are there for you from 7 till 7. Ultimately, there is a good reason for this promise, because we are committed to being there when you need us. TRIMET not only sees itself as a supplier, but as a partner. As such, when needs change at short notice, you won’t hear us say “A contract is a contract,” but instead “We can manage that!”