You want to work with an established company – we have been around since 1985

It all began in 1985 with a metal trading company in DüsseldorfIt all began in 1985 with a metal trading company in Düsseldorf

TRIMET is a company with a long-standing tradition. It makes everyday life easier with its aluminium products and is thus continuously creating new opportunities. Despite changing from a stock corporation to a “Societas Europaea” (European Company) and pursuing European expansion, we have been able to preserve the character of a family-run business.

Heinz-Peter Schlüter

Founder of TRIMET (* 16.10.1949 – † 29.11.2015)

  • 1985
    Heinz-Peter Schlüter founds TRIMET Metallhandelsgesellschaft mbH in Düsseldorf.

  • 1988
    Three years after founding the company, Schlüter changes it into a stock corporation
  • 1993
    TRIMET acquires Gelsenkirchener Recyclingwerk für Aluminium und die Aluminium Recycling AG, thereby establishing Aluminium Recycling GmbH and marking the start of industrial production.
  • 1994
    TRIMET becomes a producer of primary aluminium following the acquisition of the AluSuisse plant in Essen.
  • 2001
    TRIMET acquires the die casting foundries in Harzgerode and Sömmerda and gets involved in the automotive business, immediately creating 570 new jobs and increasing recycling capacity at the plant in Harzgerode to 40,000 metric tons.
  • 2006/2007
    The disused electrolysis plant in Hamburg is resurrected by TRIMET and operated with a production capacity of 130,000 metric tons of primary aluminium.
  • 2013
    TRIMET becomes an SE (Societas Europaea).
  • 2013
    Acquisition of the production plants in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and Castelsarrasin together with 500 employees from Rio Tinto Alcan. The electrolysis plant and two foundries have a total annual production capacity of 140,000 metric tons. TRIMET expands its portfolio to include the aluminium wire division.
  • 2014
    TRIMET acquires the electrolysis plant from Voerdal Aluminium GmbH. With the Voerde plant, the material specialist expands its production capacity for primary aluminium by 90,000 metric tons.
  • 2018
    TRIMET transfers its Automotive division to a joint venture with the Chinese automotive specialist Bohai Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. The joint venture opens up new prospects for BOHAI TRIMET Automotive as a system supplier to increasingly global automotive manufacturers, thereby sustainably strengthening the two production locations Harzgerode and Sömmerda.