Dr. Thomas Ludwig

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

After studying mathematics and business administration in Göttingen, Glasgow, and Bonn, and then completing his doctorate in business administration, Dr. Thomas Ludwig began his career in 1977 at the then Klöckner-Werke AG.
Dr. Thomas Ludwig remained there until 1984, eventually becoming head of material management for the smelting plants. He subsequently became head of the aluminium division at a legal predecessor of Klöckner & Co Alt.
After holding various executive positions, Dr. Thomas Ludwig was appointed to the board of Klöckner & Co Alt in 1991, overseeing the divisions responsible for raw materials, environmental technology, and mobile constructions. In 1995 Dr. Thomas Ludwig joined the then Thyssen Group, which later became the ThyssenKrupp Group in 1999, where he was appointed chairman of the executive board of Thyssen Klöckner Recycling GmbH and simultaneously board member of Thyssen Handelsunion AG. In 2001 he assumed the role of chairman of the board at ThyssenKrupp Serv AG. In November 2003 Dr. Thomas Ludwig was appointed CEO of Klöckner & Co Alt.
Dr. Thomas Ludwig was chairman of the executive board at Klöckner & Co GmbH from April 2005 till June 2006 and was CEO until October 2009. He has been Managing Partner since January 2010 and Chairman since November 2020 of Lindsay Goldberg Europe GmbH, Düsseldorf.