You require special die casting parts – we produce them in our Harzgerode foundry

Strict quality control checks are always carried out prior to deliveryStrict quality control checks are always carried out prior to delivery

Our joint venture with Bohai Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. produces high-quality aluminium die casting parts in Harzgerode in line with the individual requirements of our customers in the automotive, electrical, and mechanical engineering industries. Besides conventional and heat-treated die casting parts, weldable parts are also produced here.

All your aluminium die casting parts from one location

Our employees in Harzgerode also work on the development and design of tools, mold production, and surface finishes as well as the mechanical processing of aluminium die casting parts and assembly of finished components. The facilities at Harzgerode are rounded off by a modern smelting and recycling plant.

The aluminium foundry in Harzgerode:

  • 20 die casting machines with closing pressure between 1,400 metric tons and 4,100 metric tons
  • 20 tie bars for mechanical processing
  • 17 CNC processing plants
  • 4 heat treatment furnaces
  • 5.1 million products cast annually
  • Main products in the automotive: vehicle bodies, gearboxes, chassis, engine blocks, etc.
  • Approx. 850 employees and approx. 60 trainees


BOHAI TRIMET Automotive Holding GmbH

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