You want consistency – we have a tradition dating back more than 100 years

High-quality aluminum wire as far as the eye can seeHigh-quality aluminum wire as far as the eye can see

The electrolysis plant with adjoining foundry in the Savoy Alps was established in 1907 and can thus look back on a long tradition. The plant specializes in the production of aluminium wire and satisfies the highest technical standards relating to the process of electrolysis. From the type of alloy and profile to the finish, we produce aluminium completely in line with your requirements and desired specifications.

You can continue working with our aluminium right away

Together with the location in Castelsarrasin, the plant primarily supplies the energy and automotive industries. They use the aluminium wire to make electric cables and connecting components among other things.

An overview of the Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne plant:

  • 180 electrolytic cells in 2 production halls (120 AP30 cells and 60 AP18 cells)
  • 11 casting furnaces (each 20–60 t), gas-heated
  • 3 wire rod casting lines
  • 1 vertical DC-casting unit for T-bars
  • Various cutting, processing, and packaging plants
  • 1 vertical DC-casting unit for rolling slabs
  • 1 small form ingot caster
  • 145,000 metric tons of primary aluminum produced annually
  • 155,000 metric tons of cast products produced annually
  • 600 employees



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