You want to fit high-quality die casting parts – we produce them every day in Sömmerda

More than 195 employees work hand in hand in SömmerdaMore than 195 employees work hand in hand in Sömmerda

Like the neighboring plant in Harzgerode, the primary focus in Sömmerda is also on the production of complex aluminium die casting parts. Most customers work in the automotive industry. A number of well-known automobile manufacturers use our die casting parts in their vehicles – from engine components and control and valve plates to structural components.

Take advantage of a comprehensive range of services

Just like in Harzgerode, our work involves the development and design of tools, mold and tool production, mechanical processing, surface finishing of aluminium die casting parts, and the assembly of finished components. Together with our partner Bohai Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. we are expanding our technological leadership to develop new products. Our joint venture also allows us to support you in achieving your international targets.

An overview of the Sömmerda plant:

  • 16 die casting machines with closing pressure between 530 metric tons and 1,400 metric tons
  • 4 CNC processing plants
  • 3 heat treatment furnaces
  • 5.9 million parts cast annually
  • Main products in the automotive industries: casings, sliding/valve plates, engine support brackets, holders, structural components, etc.
  • 212 employees and approx. 13 trainees


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