You want to know where you are with us – our values and aims are no secret

Even though the history of our company is characterized by change and expansion, we have always remained true to our values and aims. What applied at the time the company was founded still holds true to this day. TRIMET is committed to social and environmental responsibility. The company plays its part in creating an economy that is fit for the future. Production processes and corporate operations pursue the principle of sustainability as defined by the United Nations in its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The following values and aims define our work:

  • Our guiding principle on occupational safety and health protection: safe and sound until retirement.
  • Sustainable climate protection measures: to safeguard the competitiveness of our customers and the company.
  • A good relationship with the customer: a named contact person for the duration of every project.
  • A strategic corporate aim: to secure the independence of TRIMET and safeguard jobs at all our locations.
  • A clever business idea: custom aluminium products and services from one single source.
  • Wide-ranging expertise: the combination of market expertise and specialist knowledge.
  • Satisfied employees: flat organizational structures and a high degree of self-reliance form the basis for maximum commitment.
  • A responsible management philosophy: purposeful, credible, and reliable operations at executive level ensure a trusting working relationship.
  • Social responsibility: training young employees, creating and preserving jobs, and demonstrating commitment to social projects.
  • Independence from financial markets: corporate freedom to ensure long-term growth at TRIMET.