Confidence only grows on sustainably fertile ground

If you wish to harvest in summer, you must ensure that you have sustainably fertile soil – only then can you be confident.

Basically, we all know: the concept of timely precaution also applies to our economic and our social structures.

When thinking of tomorrow, the aspect of sustainability is of essential importance. TRIMET is strictly committed  to the coming generations. We wish to leave them a more healthy environment and economic and social circumstances that are as solid as possible. One of our current contributions is to review our activities of the daily work routine with regarding sustainability, not least in the development of our products.

With the following Brief information - Climate action we would like to give you an overview of the topics of sustainability and CO2 emissions at the Essen site.

Legal obligations must always be seen as the minimum standard

In Gelsenkirchen, TRIMET erected a new filter plant upon its own initiative. In parallel, appropriate boxes for oil contaminated materials were set up. A filter plant is being erected in Harzgerode, which exceed the guidelines regarding purity. The Harzgerode plant not only cover its own thermal energy needs , but also that of the neighbouring residential area. Even though the limits were not execeeded, the plant voluntarily erected a sound insulating wall.

Of course, practised sustainability also helps to secure our long-term corporate value.