Environmental Protection: Corporate Philosophy put into practise

TRIMET combines economic with social and ecological objectives. Environmental protection is part of the corporate philosophy and is implemented by all TRIMET employees at all levels. The careful handling of the environment and resources, climate protection and the maximum reduction of wastes and emissions all contribute to leaving a sound and healthy environment for the next generations.

It is the objective of TRIMET’S environment management to produce, recycle and process aluminium in a way that is environmentally sound.

Therefore the company is not only committed to compliance with all legal provisions, rules and regulations, but is doing all it can to exceed the standards set by the government. The corporate laboratory for environment and metal analytics LUMA (Labor für Umwelt und Metallanalytik) makes a substantial contribution to the compliance with all relevant environmental parameters.

TRIMET’s environment management proves that high productivity does not necessarily mean a high volume of residues: about 95% of the residues generated in the production process go into the internal recycling process or are recycled externally. This return into the raw material cycle allows TRIMET to use resources sustainably.

You are heartily invited to visit our plants to get an idea of our practised environment management - please call for an appointment!