Corporate policy

The corporate policy of TRIMET Aluminium SE is geared towards the company’s long-term success, strengthening its competitiveness, maintaining TRIMET’s independence as a family business, and safeguarding jobs. It is supplemented by our Guiding Principles, which contain further statements on key aspects of our corporate policy.

Our intention is to further increase and consolidate the shared success of all TRIMET locations. Our employees are a decisive success factor in this process. Their involvement in decision-making processes is a key component of our corporate culture, which is characterized by a streamlined organizational structure.

The mutual support and close collaboration of all TRIMET production and business locations, process optimization through the exchange of expertise, and the use of shared resources and short lines of communication all enable quick and competent decision-making. Fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers and continuing dialog with our business partners are key elements in achieving these objectives.

In addition, TRIMET pursues social and societal goals. With our social commitment, we support and implement activities in the communities in which our locations are situated.

Compliance with all relevant laws, standards and regulations is a self-evident obligation for us; we also communicate this to our business partners. TRIMET complies with the code of conduct of the compliance initiative of the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing, and Logistics (BME). This also encompasses rules to effectively combat corruption and antitrust violations, as well as principles for the protection of human rights and fair working conditions.

In addition, our efforts are geared toward the continual search to improve our processes, products, and services. We pursue new paths, always using mistakes as opportunities to learn. Through familiar methods and sensible standardization measures, we seek to systematically avoid errors and reduce waste in line with our customer and process orientation.

Occupational and plant safety, health and environmental protection, resource efficiency, improved environmental and energy performance, and information security all take top priority when designing our products, processes, and workstations. They represent objectives that are just as important to us as the quality and profitability of our products and services. With the help of risk analyses and the measures derived from them, we comprehensively prevent possible crisis situations from arising.

A responsible approach to protecting our environment and its raw material and energy resources is a principle upon which all our corporate activities are based, and this is something that is also expected by our business partners. We assess the impact of our activities on the environment, on energy consumption, on the neighborhood, and on our staff. We optimize power consumption while striving to sustainably reduce emissions that occur during the production process.

Our high quality standards encompass our company’s entire service range, from identifying customer requirements and expectations to the on-time and specification-compliant delivery of our products. In these processes, our customers’ satisfaction is a top priority.

To be equipped to face future challenges, TRIMET began early on the path to digitization. Information security and data protection are closely associated with this. The availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information are just as important here as the adequate protection of personal data.

TRIMET’s executive management has put an integrated management system into effect to implement this corporate policy, which regulates all required resources and responsibilities to maintain and further develop our processes.

This corporate policy is regularly reviewed and adapted to new developments. It is mandatory for all employees.

Essen, 01.08.2020