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Communiqués de presse actuels

TRIMET receives first ASI certificate

11 oct. 2021 | TRIMET’s Gelsenkirchen plant has completed certification in accordance with the Performance Standard of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). This means the aluminium specialist’s recycling plant meets globally applicable requirements for ecologically and socially sustainable production, as well as responsible corporate governance in the aluminium industry. The assessment, based on a total of 59 criteria, was carried out by TÜV Nord Cert GmbH.


TRIMET commissions a casting machine in Voerde

14 juin 2021 | At the start of June 2021, TRIMET commissioned a newly installed casting machine for aluminium sows at its site in Voerde. The aluminium smelter with adjoining anode factory is thus now in a position to produce its own block metal. The site previously delivered its 99.9% pure aluminium, which is extracted by means of electrolysis, exclusively in liquid form to its customers and to the TRIMET foundry in Essen.


TRIMET participating in the BDI Circular Economy Initiative

20 mai 2021 | As a member of the Circular Economy Initiative, TRIMET is committed to further developing the recycling economy. The project, which was launched by the Federation of German Industries (BDI), sees itself as a platform for exchanging ideas with policymakers, scientists and the public in order to expand the market for recycled raw materials and tap into further potential. The work is based on an overarching consideration of all material flows relevant to industrial production.


TRIMET is committed to the hydrogen economy

14 avr. 2021 | TRIMET is involved in the development of the hydrogen economy in the industrial region of Essen. Philipp Schlüter, CEO of TRIMET Aluminium SE, is a member of the H2 advisory committee for the city of Essen, which met today for its constituent assembly.


TRIMET takes a stand against racism

12 mars 2021 | TRIMET Aluminium SE is taking part in the “International Weeks against Racism” initiative, which starts on March 15, 2021. With a poster campaign, videos, and events for employees, the family-run company is opposing all forms of discrimination, hate, and extreme right-wing ideology.


TRIMET is offering its employees free colorectal cancer screening

8 mars 2021 | TRIMET Aluminium SE is offering its workforce a free test for the early detection of colorectal cancer. The 2,300 people employed across five different sites can perform a screening test which involves samples being analyzed by a medical laboratory for signs of colorectal cancer.


Nearly all TRIMET apprenticeship positions filled

17 févr. 2021 | TRIMET Aluminium SE continues to offer apprenticeships at the same scale as in previous years. This year the materials manufacturer is once again offering young people a total of 35 apprenticeships in commercial and technical professions at four production locations across Germany. The majority of positions which start training in late summer have already been filled.


TRIMET favors rapid expansion of renewable energy

16 févr. 2021 | TRIMET is committed to the rapid and increased expansion of power generation from renewable energy sources – for Germany will only remain competitive and viable as an industrial location with products manufactured in a climate-friendly manner. This is why, as a supplier of basic materials, we support the energy transition and provide solutions to key energy supply challenges through innovative processes.


TRIMET supplies new alloy for crash applications

13 janv. 2021 | TRIMET Aluminium SE has developed a new aluminium alloy for crash-relevant components. The wrought alloy trimal®-53 is suitable for structural components with high strength and excellent deformation capacity. The aluminium specialist thus now supplies a material for which there is a growing need, particularly in the vehicle manufacturing sector. The new TRIMET alloy meets every major carmaker’s need for light-metal materials to produce safety-related vehicle components.


New campaign for more safety

7 janv. 2021 | The start of 2021 is all about occupational safety. The new campaign has been rolled out at all TRIMET sites under the slogan “Remember, it’s your life!”. Posters on the plant gates and notices on information monitors in the buildings draw attention to correct conduct in the workplace. “We want to protect our employees from workplace hazards and provide a safe environment. When it comes to everyday hand movements and work tasks, we often become careless. We want to pick up on this idea in the new campaign and make our workforce aware of this,” said Dr. Andreas Lützerath, member of the Executive Board of TRIMET Aluminium SE.