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In addition to the quality of our products and services, trustworthiness is a crucial factor for ensuring the competitiveness of TRIMET Aluminium SE. The key basis for gaining the trust of employees, business partners, neighbors and the public is respect for and compliance with applicable laws and the values and objectives that the company has established. 


These values and objectives are laid down, in binding form, in the TRIMET Human Rights Code, the BME Code of Conduct and the TRIMET Supplier Code of Conduct, among other places. 

We always seek personal contact with you!

As an employee of TRIMET Aluminium SE, your first contact should always be your manager. 

As a customer, sales partner, supplier or other stakeholder of TRIMET, please contact your respective contact person at our company. If you do not have a direct contact at TRIMET, you can also communicate your questions and concerns to the TRIMET Compliance Contact Point. Please send emails to:

We are aware that there may be situations in which direct and open dialogue seems inappropriate or you generally wish to remain anonymous. In such cases, TRIMET Integra provides you with another way to report possible violations – either including your name or anonymously.

TRIMET Integra

TRIMET Integra is a web-based internal notification system that is available to TRIMET employees, our business partners and any other person around the clock. It allows people to report any possible violations of TRIMET Aluminium SE’s business and behavioral principles, internal company guidelines or applicable laws, either anonymously or by name, or obtain advice in this connection. 

If possible, do not use any technical device (e.g. PC, laptop, smartphone) provided by your employer. In particular, the Internet connection provided by your employer could jeopardize your anonymity.

To ensure that even calling up the internal notification system cannot be traced, you will not find a clickable link to the page here, but instead only the Internet address:

Please copy this link in full into the address line of your browser. On the start page you will find information on how clues are handled.

For an explanation of the basic principle and function of the internal notification system, please visit the website of Business Keeper AG, Germany.

The security of BKMS® Incident Reportings



BKMS® System - Whistleblowing System


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