Alliages d'aluminium pour applications spéciales

Alliages spéciaux

Les procédés de production évoluent en permanence. De nouvelles technologies sont utilisées, conduisant à de nouvelles applications et ouvrant de nouvelles possibilités à notre métal léger.

Aluminum is a material of the future. We are convinced of its wide range of applications. That is why we go beyond the established categories of wrought and cast alloys. TRIMET also develops and produces alloys for use in special manufacturing methods.

One example is additive manufacturing, which is becoming increasingly important. This process allows prototypes and small batches to be produced directly from a digital model. Additive manufacturing can become a significant building block of Industry 4.0. Suitable aluminum alloys are part of this. Are you breaking new ground in manufacturing? Then plan for the diversity of aluminum alloys. The fact that the alloy you need does not yet exist should not prevent you from realizing your idea. Contact us! We will develop the alloy you need.

Alliage pour l'utilisation dans la fabrication additive
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