You wonder what we do for young talent in the metal industry – we have set up a special foundation

Kaps Foundation
The purpose of the foundation is the promotion of vocational training, in particular the supra-regional promotion of the training and further education of ambitious junior staff for the metal trade

The Kaps Foundation was set up in 1997 with the aim of nurturing young talent in the metal trade. The motivation for the initiative was as an obvious lack of image for the profession. The job of metal trader was not regarded as a classic occupation requiring specific training, but rather one which required more general training as a wholesaler or trader.

Consequently there was no specific training profile for the career of metal trader and the training content was anything but clearly defined. These days a metal trader has to master a wide range of challenges: dwindling raw materials call for an economical, efficient, and expert approach to the handling of natural resources.

In addition, metal traders need extensive technical expertise and special knowledge of the business world and the economy. These are precisely the areas on which the Kaps Foundation focuses.

Who was Hans-Joachim Kaps?

Hans-Joachim Kaps (1927–2009) devoted his entire professional life to aluminium. He was one of the founding members of TRIMET and his enthusiasm for the material made the company what it is today: a company which is influential on the market and makes everyday life easier with aluminium products.

His will to succeed and learn has made Hans-Joachim Kaps a positive role model for all metal dealers.