You want the optimal solution for your scrap – we return it to you as a product

Recycling aluminum is good for the environment – and your pocket

When it comes to aluminium, we set to work for you in two different ways. On the one hand, we secure a reliable supply of the light metal, but we also take care of the recycling side of things, which is 100 percent possible without any loss of quality.

Place the disposal of aluminium in safe hands

In our role as recycler we not only secure native raw material sources, but also give you the opportunity to profitably use the scrap aluminium produced in the course of your manufacturing process. We take it back, recast it into new products according to your needs, and only charge you for the cost of recasting.

We will be happy to draw up an individual disposal concept for your company. Simply talk to us.

Aluminium from TRIMET reduces the CO2 footprint of our customers’ products.
Recycling is the path to more sustainability.

Aluminium from TRIMET – with a recycling content of up to 95 percent

We supply processors from many industries with aluminium for a wide range of applications. As a raw material manufacturer with extensive experience in alloy development, TRIMET is a reliable partner to the aluminium industry. We focus on innovation and close proximity to our customers. Developing individual solutions is our strength. 

Each product makes specific demands on the material. For this reason, we match each alloy to the quality it needs to provide. Industrial product quality also means conserving resources and minimizing adverse effects on the climate. TRIMET supplies the material that meets these requirements.

We use up to 95 percent recycled material in our products – when will you?

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