You rely on smooth-running processes – we ensure a continuous supply

The close proximity to the customers results
in a strong partnership through reliability and flexibility.

All materials and parts have to be there when they are needed. It is no different in industry to any other situation. Ultimately, one missing screw can cause an entire production process to grind to a halt. We are perfectly organized and develop supply concepts individually tailored to your company to ensure that such bottlenecks do not even occur in the first place.

Rely on a contact person even in emergency situations

Sometimes even the best-laid plans go to waste amid daily operations. However, thanks to our storage capacity and flexible processes in logistics, we are also in a position to react to changes on the spur of the moment. When you need us, we will do everything we can to make the impossible possible.

One call to your named contact person is all it takes.

Primary, alloy, and scrap
You want everything from one single source – we operate along the entire value creation chain

Primary, alloy, and scrap

Aluminium goes through every phase at TRIMET – from production to casting and recycling. First and foremost, the primary aluminium manufactured in our plants is used to produce alloys for various fields of application. These may be our existing in-house alloys or new formulas developed in conjunction with our customers for special requirements.

Take advantage of special characteristics

At TRIMET the life cycle of the aluminium is by no means at an end once the alloys are delivered to customers in various formats. After all, one of the special features of the light metal is that it is 100 percent recyclable – time and again with no loss of quality. We take advantage of this benefit to turn our and your aluminium scrap into new alloys in our recycling plants.

Supply concepts
You don’t want to have to wait – we deliver just in time

Supply concepts

Cooperation in industry hinges upon adherence to deadlines. After all, even small delivery delays can bring the entire production process to a standstill, which is why just-in-time delivery is our ultimate aim and defines everything we do.

Agreements you can depend on

In order to ensure that your processes run smoothly, we draw up an individual supply concept that fits reliably into your value creation chain – even in the event of short-notice demand fluctuations. This is made possible by our high degree of technical expertise, excellent planning, and secure supply of raw materials from our own production plants.

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From 7 till 7
You need your aluminium the following day – we ask you “What time?”
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From 7 till 7

We are committed to fulfilling your order as agreed. No matter whether you need extrusion billets or remelting ingots from our foundry, or a different material procured for you by our traders, simply get in touch with your contact person, because they will do all they can to ensure that the goods are delivered to you as soon as possible – and that generally means within the next 24 hours.

From 7 till 7: the TRIMET service promise

You have been able to depend on our service promise since 1985: we are there for you from 7 till 7. Ultimately, there is a good reason for this promise, because we are committed to being there when you need us. TRIMET not only sees itself as a supplier, but as a partner. As such, when needs change at short notice, you won’t hear us say “A contract is a contract,” but instead “We can manage that!”

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