Video Podcast Monthly Review

An extra service for you is our video podcast. Here you will receive a short and concise 3:30-minute monthly report with interesting information such as a review of events on the aluminum market in the previous month and an outlook for the coming month.

Video-Podcast (GER)
Monthly review June 2024

The month of June was relatively quiet. The upward trend of the previous months could not continue, and the aluminum 3-month contract fell by about 135 USD/ton to around 2,500 USD/ton by mid-month. The main reasons for this were a stronger dollar and mixed economic data from China, which dampened expectations for increasing demand.

Video-Podcast (GER)
Monthly review May 2024

The bullish trend on the commodity markets continued in May. In the aluminum market, buying interest from financial market participants was joined by concerns about a shortage in the aluminum market due to production cuts in Australia. The aluminum 3-month contract reached an annual high of USD 2,799/tonne on 30 May, but then fell slightly and closed the month up around USD 60/tonne at USD 2,650/tonne.

Video-Podcast (GER)
Monthly review April 2024

The aluminum market continued its upward trend in April, driven by various factors. On the one hand, there was increased buying interest from financial market participants with hopes of an improvement in the global economic situation. Rising demand prospects and industrial data from China also continue to support the price. 

Video-Podcast (GER)
Monthly review March 2024

The aluminum market recorded an upward trend last March. This was supported by improved demand prospects from China, the largest aluminum consumer, which was reflected in the high aluminum imports of recent months and stable industrial production, for example. 

Video-Podcast (GER)
Monthly review February 2024

In February, the aluminum market was in a state of flux, with discussions about potential sanctions against Russian aluminum by the EU and the USA making headlines and causing a short-term price increase of 80 dollars.

Video-Podcast (GER)
Monthly review January 2024

In January of this year, the renewed discussion on EU sanctions against additional Russian aluminum products caused unrest in the market. So far, almost all aluminum products could be imported into Europe without hindrance, thus financing the Russian war. The news caused the 3-month contract to rise by 100 USD/ton in the fourth week of the year. Nevertheless, due to a correction in the rally at the end of the previous year, the price decreased by a total of 150 USD/ton over the month. At the end of the month, the contract is now slightly above 2,270 USD/ton.