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Research and development

New products and applications are streaming onto the market at ever shorter intervals. We work with you constantly to develop new alloys so that we can react accordingly. Our testing facilities on a production scale provide the necessary professional setting.

Results you can see

But we are not only driven by alloy development, but also the optimization of processes and the development of new materials. What happens in practice demonstrates that the effort is worthwhile: many improvements have already found their way into production, for instance in the area of high-strength aluminium for use in the automotive industry or extrusion billet casting technology.

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TRIMET test casting plant with employees
You want to manufacture your products on a large scale later on –
we test them beforehand in small batches

Unique testing facilities

Everyone wants to have confidence in what they're buying. Fortunately, you can be, because TRIMET has special research facilities in Essen to prevent any nasty surprises. Your alloy is manufactured in a small batch here and subsequently made available to you so that you can press profiles for testing purposes, and assess the product properties.

The knowledge to immediately resolve difficulties

Our employees, who are responsible for the conventional casting of our products, also run the testing facilities, so it goes without saying that any difficulties with upscaling are immediately obvious and can be swiftly resolved.

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