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Whether vehicles, buildings, or everyday packaging and devices, aluminium can be used virtually anywhere and affords an immeasurable amount of room to maneuver when designing and enhancing products.

Value good advice

The many different possible uses for aluminium are continuously promoting new developments and trends. Those who wish to keep up with such developments must act providently and adapt their business at the right time. With TRIMET, you have a dependable partner on board who can offer expert advice based on long-standing market experience and help you identify the right moment to act.

You improve the environmental impact of your vehicles – we provide the necessary material


Just like other sectors of the transport industry (e.g. railcar and commercial vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding, and aircraft construction), the automotive industry is reliant on stable prices, because increased material costs cannot simply be passed on to the customer. With TRIMET as a partner, you can rely on a long-term metal supply that remains within the agreed price framework.

Talk to an expert partner

Drivers are taking ever more notice of the environmental impact of their vehicles, which is boosting demand for innovative three-liter cars. This in turn automatically increases the demand for aluminium, because the trailblazing light metal is being used ever more often in these economical vehicles. No matter what the material specifications for your vehicle, in TRIMET you will find the right partner to talk to.

You want to build energy-saving – we offer you a heat-regulating material


It is no longer just the top international architects who are turning to aluminium when planning and building their designs. Increasing numbers of ordinary construction companies are also discovering the flexible metal for themselves. 

No matter whether it is needed for insulating window and door frames, roof panels, or solar power systems, aluminium is easy to work with, regulates heat, and lasts a long time – and is thus a guarantee for satisfied architects.

You generate energy using the sun’s power – we produce the necessary raw material for the framework



Aluminium is not only light, but also conducts heat well and is antimagnetic. If the metal is used for motor or transformer casing, for example, there is no longer any need for water cooling.

Use aluminium’s positive properties to generate energy

Its many different positive properties also make aluminium interesting for another sector: the solar industry. If the material is used for the frames of solar power systems, it will provide stability and guarantee the efficient and long-term generation of energy.

Machine construction
You are mindful of every gramme – we have an especially light material for you

Machine construction

The graceful industrial robot precisely fits the smallest elements of the car body together. The fact that it doesn’t falter during the assembly process is down to its unique characteristics: the robot is predominantly made of aluminium and is therefore stable, lightweight, and very agile. Seemingly with little effort it performs work that admittedly would have caused us humans to lose our patience much more quickly.

Go easy on the finances

Of course, what goes for the industrial robots also applies to all other kinds of machinery and appliances: aluminium makes them longer-lasting and more agile, thereby speeding up work processes. The fact that such benefits also have a positive impact on your finances is anything but an unexpected bonus.

Your products need a secure shell – we produce the right raw material for packaging


Whether a chocolate Easter bunny in colorful foil or vital tablets in blister packs – valuable products need a secure shell. Aluminium packaging reliably protects the things that are important to you and your customers from external influences such as exposure to sunlight or water, thereby ensuring that the contents can be enjoyed for a long time.

Recycle it 100 times over

Aluminium packaging such as that used for drink cans not only provides a secure shell, but can also be recycled without any loss. That’s because aluminium can be recast over and over again with no loss of quality. That's how TRIMET is playing its part in ensuring that eco-friendly aluminium can keeps its place on the supermarket shelf.

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