TRIMET Aluminium arouses passion. By design.

Business units

TRIMET Aluminium makes cars more economical, aircraft lighter, power plants more efficient, structures more modern, and packaging more eco-friendly.

With such a wide range of possibilities and fascinating results, it goes without saying that our staff of around 2,400 work with a great deal of passion every day to produce, recycle, cast, and market aluminium. By doing so, they are ultimately playing a key role in making life a little easier and thus more pleasant.

TRIMET Trading and Marketing
You say what you need – we will move heaven and earth to get it, if necessary

Trading and Marketing

Whether in terms of quantity, delivery form, or alloy type, requirements in relation to aluminium differ from one customer to the next and can occasionally change within the shortest space of time. Sometimes a new order is all it takes to turn an entire monthly plan on its head. However, such uncertainties don’t worry us, but merely spur us on to perform at our very best. After all, it is not for nothing that our closeness to customers is the thing that makes us unique.

You can rely on punctual delivery

Even if we are occasionally unable to meet your needs from our own resources, that doesn’t mean we cannot deliver. On the contrary: in such cases we simply switch sides and become a trader acting on your behalf. With our global network backing us up, we have often succeeded in making the impossible possible. 

TRIMET is always active on the market.

Primary Production
You tell us what it will be used for – we will develop and produce the right alloy

Primary Production

Whether in the electronics, building, or packaging industry, the areas in which aluminium is used are varied and each one calls for the right kind of alloy. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we are able to tell you whether one of our existing alloys is suitable for your project. If a new type of alloy is recommended, we work closely with you to come up with the right formula.

Flawless quality guaranteed

The everyday suitability of our alloys is of paramount importance to us. That is why new materials are put through their paces in our laboratory before they enter production, which means you benefit in two ways: besides having the knowledge that only flawless materials are ever used, the laboratory tests also ensure that existing products and processes are optimized on an ongoing basis.

Production and sustainability belong together for us – we refurbish your used aluminum


The subject of recycling is now more important than ever and it is no longer possible to imagine the aluminium processing industry without it. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we have taken recycling to new levels and operate three aluminium recycling plants in Europe. By doing so, we are not only conserving resources and safeguarding raw material sources, but also significantly improving the energy footprint of your products.

Turn scrap aluminium into a real asset

We take back your scrap aluminium and completely recast it into new products in accordance with your needs. 

You merely pay for the recasting work.