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You tell us what you need – we will supply our aluminium in the desired form

Delivery forms
Whether liquid or solid – we will supply our aluminum in the desired form

Different applications call for different forms of the material. That is why we produce aluminium in liquid form, or as extrusion billets, rolling ingots, remelting ingots, and die-cast parts, among other forms. This flexibility allows us to react effortlessly to your individual needs.

It is important to be able to speak openly with each other

Since projects vary from one customer to the next, we agree the supply model with you on an individual basis. This also includes speaking openly about price and timescale expectations – after all, it is easier to make plans when there is clarity.

We supply you the raw material uncomplicated in liquid form
We produce extrusion billets individually according to your specifications
Extrusion billets
We produce the suitable rolling ingots for you
Rolling ingots
We supply aluminum easy to handle and flexible in use
Remelting ingots
High quality aluminum wire is available from us non-stop
Aluminum wire
Commodities for melting in all qualities and formats
For you we turn scrap into new production material