You want easy-to-manage aluminium – we supply your aluminium in the form of remelting ingots

Remelting ingots
The remelting ingots are safely packaged
and swiftly dispatched after being ordered

Packaged, secured, and ready for shipping – in our foundries in Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Harzgerode and
Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne we produce around 200,000 metric tons of melting ingots annually in accordance with the most diverse customer specifications. Thanks to their special form, the “mini ingots” are easy for you to manage and can be used in a flexible manner.

Choose a reliable supplier

Maximum standards of quality, guaranteed and flexible delivery times, and outstanding lead times are just some of the arguments that speak in favor of TRIMET as a local producer and reliable supplier of remelting ingots.

TRIMET ingots are available in all standard and recycled alloys as well as in our trimal® casting alloys.

[Translate to Englisch:] Masselgießanlage mit flüssigem Aluminium

Sustainability topic


TRIMET uses the heat of the primary aluminium to melt down scrap aluminium, thus saving the energy needed to melt it down.



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