Sustainability reports

TRIMET wants to be clear and transparent for its customers. Therefore, our published sustainability reports are available for download here.

TRIMET Aluminium SE | Sustainability Report 2020

With regard to this Sustainability Report, CEO Philipp Schlüter adds:

"Reducing the CO2 footprint was and is the most urgent issue for us. All measures to reduce the CO2 footprint of our production are at the heart of our corporate actions. In order to comprehensively meet the requirements for 'sustainable aluminum', TRIMET joined the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative in September 2019.

Another important sustainability topic is our participation in the National Action Plan 'Business and Human Rights' (NAP). TRIMET is one of the few companies that participated in the monitoring of the German government in 2019. In this context, TRIMET published its Human Rights Code in October 2019."