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Aluminum wire
A continuous supply
of high-quality aluminum wire

TRIMET supplies high-quality aluminium wire made in its own production plants. In terms of alloy, diameter, and temper, we work completely in accordance with your specifications and requirements.

On time delivery

Within the group, the TRIMET plants in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and Castelsarrasin primarily supply the energy and automotive industries. They use the aluminium wire to make electric cables and connecting components among other things. TRIMET philosophy applies here too: you tell us the form in which you need it to be delivered and we will ensure that your order arrives in the right format and at the agreed time. 

At TRIMET, we take your aluminum wire scraps and transform them into high-quality, new wire – offering a sustainable solution that lowers your costs with a fair processing fee.

TRIMET guarantees aluminium wire

  • in reliable, top quality
  • in various diameters and profiles
  • as a special alloy, developed in line with customer specifications
Redraw Rod – Continuously Cast and Rolled
Redraw Rod – Continuously Cast and Rolled
Redraw Rod – Continuously Cast and Rolled

TRIMET specializes in producing specialty alloys based on aluminum in the form of rolling wire. These wires are used in various mechanical, electrical, and welding applications. Impressively, the rolling wires are produced on coils weighing up to 2.4 tons.

Aluminum wire production in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne

We provide top-quality aluminum wire, customized to meet your specifications and requirements. Our flexible production capabilities allow for the manufacture of drawing wire with variable diameters and cross-sections, tailored to your unique customer specifications through standard or specialized alloys.

Alloys and their Specifications

Metallurgical Series Main Alloying Elements Typical Alloys Applications
1xxx High Purity Al / Al Zr 1090 1120 1199 1310 1350 1370 Electrical applications, electronics, metallising, electronics connections
2xxx Cu 2011 2017 2024 2033 2211 Aereonautical, automotive and medical applications
3xxx Mn 3003 3103 Automotive, shell casing
4xxx Si 4043 4045 4143 4145 4047 4147 Welding
5xxx Mg 5005 5019 5051 5052 5087 5154 5183 5356 5754 Mechanical and welding
6xxx Mg+Si 6026 6056 6060 6061 6063 6082 6101 Automotive, electrical and mechanical
7xxx Zn 7050 7075 Mechanical and aereonatical
8xxx Zr/Fe 8040 (ZTAL) Special electrical apllications
Mecal®   1090 2011 2017 2024 2033 2211 3003 3103 5005 5019 5051 5052 5154 5754 6026 6060 6061 6063 6082 6056 6101 7050 7075  
Electrical   1310 1370 6101 8040  
Almelec®   6101  
Aluflex®   131050  
Conductal®   137050  
Welding   4043 4045 4047 4143 4145 4147 5087 5183 5356  

Technical Specifications (Standard)

Chemistry Aluminium and Aluminium alloys Drawing Stock Temper Quality Certificates
EN 573-3 or any customer requirement EN 1715-1; EN 1715-2; EN 1715-3; EN 1715-4 EN 515 EN 10204 (3.1)


At our place, you can find the exact diameter suitable for your wire application. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Coil Size (Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne)

A Height (coil only) B Outer diameter C Inner diameter
850 mm 1,300-1,350 mm for 2.0 t and 1.400 mm for 2.4 t 540 mm

Coil Size (Castelsarrasin)

A Height (coil only) B Outside diameter C Inside diameter
860 mm 1,400 mm for 2.0 t 740 mm
Trust TRIMET for high-quality aluminum wire.
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