Redraw Rod – Continuously Cast and Rolled

The expertise acquired by TRIMET in CCR (Continuously Cast and Rolled) rod based on a substantial program of research and development have gone into the creation of an incomparable range of aluminium alloys geared to welding and brazing applications.

Alloys and their specifications

Since more than ten years, this know-how has been extended to casting of welding or arc spray alloys. All alloys can be provided in F or H temper.

Alloys and their Specifications

Metallurgical Series Main Alloying Elements Typical Alloys Applications
4xxx Si 4043 4143 4045 4145 4047 4147 Welding
5xxx Mg 5005 5019 5051 5052 5154 5087 5183 5356 5754 Mechanical and welding
Welding   4043 4143 4045 4145 4047 4147 5087 5183 5356  

Standard diameter of our wire rod is 9.5 mm. Our products are supplied in 2-ton coils.

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