Electrical application

Redraw Rod – Continuously Cast and Rolled

One of the areas in which CCR (Continuously Cast and Rolled) rod is really in its element is electricity. For many years, it has been chosen now by the major cable makers worldwide.

The fields of application for CCR* rod are virtually unlimited. They include insulated cables for low and medium voltage distribution networks,
conductors for overhead lines, flexible cables for robotics, welding and railway engineering, cables using nickel-plated wire for aeronautical engineering, enameled wire for windings, etc.

Lightweight, easy to use, high electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, lending itself well to surface treatments (nickel plating, anodizing, etc), are all some of the desirable features that make CCR* rod a particularly effective and economic material.

Day after day, TRIMET CCR* rod, already catering for the bulk of electrical applications, demonstrates its versatility and ability to meet new needs and requirements.

The CCR* 137050 CONDUCTAL® (equivalent to EC Grade) is extensively employed in the manufacture of insulated wires and cables for transport and distribution of electricity and the manufacture of bare conductors for overhead power transmission and distribution lines (of the AAC, ACSR, …).

The CCR* 137072 (TAL), 8040 (ZTAL) is employed in the manufacture of wires and cables for transport and distribution of electricity. The advantage of this product lies in its ability to sustain higher temperature and thus higher ampacity. 

The CCR* 610145, 610155, 610166 ALMELEC® rods are aluminium, magnesium and silicon alloys developed specially by TRIMET for the manufacture of bare conductors for overhead transmission and distribution lines (AAAC type) and the manufacture of the neutral catenary of bundled cables.

A suitable combination of thermal and mechanical treatments confers twice the mechanical strength of conductor-grade aluminium (137050) with a loss of only 10 to 15% in terms of electrical conductivity.

The CCR* 131050 ALUFLEX® rod is an Aluminium-Iron-Magnesium alloy used in the manufacture of fine gauge wire for:

  • flexible cables for aeronautical engineering
  • cables for automotive engineering
  • braids and screens for cables.

Our products are delivered in 2 and 2.4 tons coils. Standard diameter of our wire rod is 9.5 mm with other possibilities upon request.

Metallurgical Series Main Alloying Elements Typical Alloys Applications
1xxx High Purity Al / Al Zr 1090 1120 1199 1310 1350 1370 137072 (TAL) Electrical applications, electronics, metallising
8xxx Zr/Fe 8040 (ZTAL) Special electrical applications
Almelec®   6101  
Aluflex®   131050  
Conductal®   137050  

Brands and Diameter

At our place, you can find the exact diameter suitable for your wire application. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Our products are supplied in 2- and 2.4-ton spools.

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