Renovation work is currently being carried out on the outgoing goods area at the loading ramp in Essen

Investment in greater occupational safety
At the Essen site, the ramp road from gate 1 to gate 8 is currently being widened

The 280-metre-long ramp road is the heart of logistics, as this is where the team loads countless tons of rolling slabs, round billets and ingots every day. The loaded trucks and trains then make their way to our customers, where the aluminum should arrive when it is needed for further processing. The time pressure on our colleagues in the forklift trucks is correspondingly high.

Despite the often tight schedule, occupational safety is of course a top priority. Extreme caution is required when working with heavy machinery and products. This is supported by the current construction measure: the ramp is being widened by 60 centimetres to a total width of 5.2 meters. What sounds like a small thing to the uninitiated means that the outgoing goods team will have significantly more freedom of movement for maneuvering with the forklift truck. This is another plus for occupational safety, which benefits not only our employees but also our forwarding partners, who provide support with loading on site.