For the love of nature – Aluminum the closed loop metal from TRIMET

We supply processors from many industries with aluminium for a wide range of applications.

As a raw material manufacturer with extensive experience in alloy development, TRIMET is a reliable partner to the aluminium industry.

We focus on innovation and close proximity to our customers. Developing individual solutions is our strength. 

Each product makes specific demands on the material. For this reason, we match each alloy to the quality it needs to provide. Industrial product quality also means conserving resources and minimizing adverse effects on the climate. TRIMET supplies the material that meets these requirements.

We use up to 95 percent recycled material in our products – when will you?

Recycling is the way to greater sustainability.


In our smelting plants and foundries, we save a large amount of energy by recycling used aluminium – 95 percent, to be precise. That’s because preparing aluminium scrap for recycling requires only five percent of the energy needed to produce primary aluminium. The material quality is retained one hundred percent, but the COburden is reduced. Aluminium from TRIMET reduces the COfootprint of our customers’ products. 

Because recycling is the path to more sustainability. 

Today we are already thinking about tomorrow.

Research and development 

The automotive industry, packaging manufacturers, construction sector and many other industries rely on the light metal aluminium. Applications and requirements are developing rapidly. TRIMET is involved in this development and is often one step ahead. We develop individual alloys, innovative materials and optimized manufacturing processes.

In this way, we are helping to open up new application areas and processing methods for our light metal. 

Our products contain up to 95 percent recycled material.


We offer aluminium in various alloys and different forms. Whether as liquid metal, ingots, wire, extrusion billets or rolling ingots – we supply all our products in proven TRIMET quality, tailored to the specific need and respective specifications. This also applies to the recycled content.

Responsible corporate governance with economic, environmental and social dimensions.


Aluminium is an important material for products that need to meet sustainability requirements. TRIMET’s production of the modern light metal is also geared toward these goals. We take responsibility for the material and for its production. This involves not only the adaptation of aluminium smelters to the power supply from renewable energies, but also the intelligent use of industrial process heat, contributions to landscape conservation and the utilization of used aluminium in materials for modern applications. 

Our four aluminium smelters in Germany and France ensure that our customers are supplied locally.

Recycling alone cannot cover the demand for aluminium n

Aluminium is a huge growth market. A wide variety of industries rely on the modern and durable material. New application areas are constantly being added, which is why the demand for aluminium is always increasing. However, 75 percent of the aluminium produced in the world so far is still in use. In order to meet the ever-growing demand, primary aluminium must continue to be produced in addition to recycling.

Sustainability topic

In our aluminum smelters, foundries and remelting plants we continuously identify and utilize potential for increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions.