TRIMET plants for climate protection

In order to further strengthen our efforts for climate protection, TRIMET is planting so-called climate tree plantations on open spaces at the Essen and Voerde sites on a trial basis.

Kiri trees are planted here on a grand scale. The kiri tree is considered "aluminum among woods" because the wood is very light, but at the same time very strong.

The tree is robust, grows quickly and provides a sought-after wood for high-quality applications, including furniture and boat building. Above all, however, the trees bind a great deal of CO2 emissions in a very short time and therefore benefit the climate. For example, a kiri tree binds around 700 kg of CO2 and a beech tree just 50 kg of CO2 per year. As a point of reference, each citizen causes over 11 tons of CO2 per year.

You can find out how the climate plantations are progressing here.

First impressions climate tree plantation in Voerde