New alloy from TRIMET – for structural components of the highest standard


TRIMET Aluminium SE has developed a new aluminium alloy. The trimal®-52 wrought alloy meets the highest standards in terms of strength and deformation capacity. This latest innovation sees the aluminium specialist expanding its product range for lightweight automotive construction.

The new trimal®-52 (AlMgSi) aluminium alloy meets the highest demands for structural components in automotive construction. TRIMET has developed this wrought alloy from the 6xxx family. Alloys in this series are established materials in automotive manufacturing. With strengths exceeding 305 megapascals and a yield strength of more than 280 megapascals, trimal®-52 is the ideal material for structural components that, in addition to corrosion resistance, must exhibit the best crash resistance properties and maximum levels of strength.

“The transition to battery-powered vehicles in the automotive sector opens up new application areas for aluminium and, simultaneously, makes new demands of the material”, says Thomas Reuther, member of the Executive Board of TRIMET Aluminium SE. “In addition to excellent material properties, our new alloy impresses through the ease and flexibility with which it can be processed”.

Among the outstanding characteristics of trimal®-52 is an elongation at break exceeding ten percent. The material is easy to press and can be recycled without difficulty. Profiles manufactured with the alloy can also be thermally and mechanically bonded with other materials such as cast nodes. The trimal®-52 alloy is especially suitable for extruded profiles that conform to automotive OEM delivery specifications, particularly components that meet crash requirements and have a yield strength of 280–320 MPa.

Detailed product information can be viewed here.

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