Staff ensures TRIMET aluminium production


The Executive Board of TRIMET Aluminium SE would like to thank its employees for their commitment in this current difficult situation. “They keep the smelting furnaces running, cast metal and supply our customers with the usual reliability.

This deserves our special respect in these times of the corona crisis,” says Dr. Andreas Lützerath, who is responsible for the Production Division on the TRIMET Executive Board. The materials specialist is making every effort to maintain production in its aluminium smelters and foundries. “As a basic materials manufacturer, we are an important part of the industry’s process chains, which must be kept intact,” says Lützerath.

At TRIMET’s production plants, the staff carries out its work in strict compliance with the applicable rules of conduct and hygiene regulations in order to minimize the possible risk of infection. “As a family business, the health of our employees takes top priority for us,” emphasizes Lützerath.