TRIMET commissions a casting machine in Voerde


At the start of June 2021, TRIMET commissioned a newly installed casting machine for aluminium sows at its site in Voerde. The aluminium smelter with adjoining anode factory is thus now in a position to produce its own block metal. The site previously delivered its 99.9% pure aluminium, which is extracted by means of electrolysis, exclusively in liquid form to its customers and to the TRIMET foundry in Essen.

“The casting machine gives us greater flexibility, enabling us to better meet changing market requirements and customer needs,” says Dr. Andreas Lützerath, member of the Executive Board at TRIMET Aluminium SE. “The high metal purity of the cast aluminium also satisfies a growing need within the processing industry.”

The new machine, which takes the form of a casting carousel, can cast 20 aluminum sows per hour, each weighing 780 kilograms. Every stage of the process – from casting, skimming, and labeling the aluminium sows to weighing them and depositing them on a conveyor belt – is automated, setting new technical standards. These measures guarantee consistently high product quality. The new machine also further improves occupational health and safety for the employees.

By: Wolfgang Nübold