TRIMET participating in the BDI Circular Economy Initiative


As a member of the Circular Economy Initiative, TRIMET is committed to further developing the recycling economy. The project, which was launched by the Federation of German Industries (BDI), sees itself as a platform for exchanging ideas with policymakers, scientists and the public in order to expand the market for recycled raw materials and tap into further potential. The work is based on an overarching consideration of all material flows relevant to industrial production.

“The efficient use of recycled raw materials plays an important role in securing our basic material supply within their supply chains, while at the same time conserving resources and achieving climate protection targets,” says Philipp Schlüter, Chairman of the Executive Board of TRIMET Aluminium SE. “The industry can and would therefore like to play its part in establishing a European market for secondary raw materials that is focused on the three dimensions of sustainability – ecological, economic and social effectiveness – and can hold its own in international competition.”

Schlüter is one of the deputy chairs of the Circular Economy Initiative. Participating companies and associations are pursuing a comprehensive work program, ranging from designing suitable business models incorporating new technologies to building partnerships and helping to shape regulatory frameworks. 

By: Wolfgang Nübold