A shiny alloy for your brilliant products

You want your product to shine – we can make virtually anything sparkle with trimal®-BQ

The experts at TRIMET use select materials, specially developed methods for processing molten metal, and continuous casting technology tailored to the product to produce high-gloss alloys that satisfy the highest demands. This is all guaranteed and defined by the trimal®-BQ process, which facilitates complex processing and refining of the highest quality.

TRIMET Aluminium SE works with its customers to develop decorative product solutions.

Under the name trimal®-BQ (which stands for “brilliant quality”), TRIMET Aluminium SE has enhanced the process chain up to the semi-finished product (extrusion billets) and taken it to new heights in terms of quality.

The trimal®-BQ process
Continuous monitoring of the alumina and the electrolytic cells guarantees the high purity of the basic material. The alloy metals that are added undergo constant chemical and physical checks. For instance, the grain refining rod is inspected for possible impurities as well as the form and size of the nucleating agents and only select qualities are used.

The molten raw metal, which is produced by means of special alloying techniques, undergoes a cleaning process using special gas mixtures. This is followed by the casting process using state-of-the-art filter technology and continuous casting ingot molds specially developed for this product.

The quality of the melt is constantly monitored during the production process by measuring its purity level and testing the micro structure of the semi-finished product.


The semi-finished product made by means of the trimal®-BQ process can be used to create parts with extraordinary surface grades. The high quality of the material provides the basis for producing functional and decorative parts with attractive surfaces.

Such products include roof racks and trim elements for cars, handles, switches, covers and profiles for frames and structural parts (window and picture frames, shower cubicle profiles, designer furniture elements, plasma screen frames, hi-fi applications, etc.), parts found in drive and hydraulic units, and copier drums, all of which require the best possible surface grade.

The necessary product properties are defined throughout the entire process. The product-specific properties of the surfaces and parts are produced by varying the individual process parameters such as the alloy composition and structure.

trimal®-BQ product information sheet

Download the product information sheet for our trimal®-BQ high-gloss alloys here.

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