Site Gelsenkirchen

Our employees who work there ensure that scrap from industry and waste management as well as residue from the aluminium production process can be recycled with no loss of quality.

Benefit from plants in the immediate vicinity
We have linked the Gelsenkirchen site with our recycling plant and research center in Harzgerode. Accordingly, TRIMET produces and recycles aluminium in the immediate vicinity of its customers, who primarily come from the automotive, electrical, and mechanical engineering industries. We not only produce standard alloys that conform to industry norms, but also special custom alloys.

An overview of the Gelsenkirchen plant:

  • 2 rotary drum furnaces 
  • 5 tilting hearth/melting furnaces
  • 3 liquid casting stations
  • 2 casting lines for remelting ingots
  • 92 employees, including 2 trainees
GHG Emissions Reduction Plan
Plan to reduce air pollutants
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TRIMET Aluminium SE

Site Gelsenkirchen
Am Stadthafen 51-65
D-45881 Gelsenkirchen

Phone: +49 209 940890