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TRIMET took over the disused electrolysis plant in Hamburg in 2006, significantly increasing capacity. Just one year later the plant was once again producing at full capacity in 270 electrolytic furnaces.  The plant covers some 400,000 square meters and employs 340 people.

Benefit from increased capacity
We are constantly improving the efficiency of production processes. For example, after the modernization of the anode furnace, the annual production increased to 135,000 metric tons while the specific energy consumption was reduced by more than 40 percent.

An overview of the Hamburg plant:

  • 270 electrolytic furnaces in 3 production halls (PBCWPF – pre-baked, center-worked point feed – technology, side by side)
  • Casting carousel for aluminium sows
  • Rectifier unit connected to the 110 kV power supply
  • 135,000 metric tons of primary aluminum produced annually
  • 360 employees, including 24 trainees
  • Company-owned port facilities and logistics for unloading aluminum oxide and petroleum coke
  • Anode plant with open ring furnace. Up to 120,000 metric tons of baked anodes are produced in the 48 sections using state-of-the-art technology while consuming minimal specific energy


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