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TRIMET acquired Voerde Aluminium GmbH in May 2014, further increasing its primary aluminium production capacity. A total of 320 employees work in the electrolysis plant and adjoining anode factory, making Voerde a key location for the production of high-purity aluminium in Germany.

Rely on proven quality
Every day the Voerde plant produces raw aluminium which is subsequently used to make extrusion billets and rolling ingots. The anodes required for the electrolysis process are also made in the anode factory. Both the employees and the technical equipment ensure that only flawless quality leaves the plant.

An overview of the Voerde plant:

  • 188 electrolytic furnaces in 2 production halls, PBCWPF (Kaiser technology, side by side)
  • Casting carousel for aluminium sows
  • DC rectifier units connected to the supergrid
  • Annual production capacity for 95,000 metric tons of primary aluminum
  • Company-owned port facilities and logistics for unloading aluminum oxide and petroleum coke
  • Anode plant with open ring furnace. Up to 65,000 metric tons of baked anodes are produced in the 36 sections using state-of-the-art technology while consuming minimal specific energy
  • 340 employees, including 25 trainees
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