Hamburg’s industry expects action from the federal government

Industry meet-up at TRIMET

On October 6, 2023, representatives from the worlds of politics and business gathered at the TRIMET plant in Hamburg to discuss prospects for the industry in the Hanseatic city.

Industrieverband Hamburg e.V. (Hamburg Industrial Association) had invited participants to the “Industry meet-up with the mayor”. Representatives from more than 70 industrial companies agreed with Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher that production enterprises in Germany’s largest industrial city need reliable development prospects. Society depends on the strength of intact industrial value chains, they said. This is the only way it can withstand upheavals and master the challenges ahead. Mayor Tschentscher and his senators reiterated the importance of competitive local conditions for a successful green transformation.

Philipp Schlüter, CEO of TRIMET Aluminium SE, emphasized the role of the domestic raw materials industry and called on politicians to finally take action:

“The energy-intensive raw materials industry contributes significantly to the resilience of Germany as an industrial location and is driving decarbonization forward. The future viability of these important industries is being called into question by persistently high electricity prices. Pointing to favorable conditions in the distant future will not solve the problem. Action must be taken now. The solutions are on the table.”

Industry representatives appealed to the mayor to influence the German government to finally seize the necessary energy and industrial policy measures to achieve this. Only competitive framework conditions, they said, would make it possible to invest in the transformation and prevent the exodus of industrial operations.