Attracting interested junior staff is extremely important to us

Dr. Vrauke Zeibig in an interview with the NAT initiative (Initiative Naturwissenschaft & Technik)

TRIMET employee Dr. Vrauke Zeibig heads the anode factory at our Hamburg plant. In an interview with the NAT initiative, the 32-year-old engineer talks about the goals she started her professional life with and how she perceives her daily work in an industry where female colleagues are not the norm.

Back in her school days, Zeibig already thought math was “lots of fun”. This was followed by studies in materials science with a focus on metallurgy and a doctorate at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg in Saxony. At the age of 18, Zeibig, now the mother of a young son, discovered her fascination for liquid metal during an internship, and currently works with the material every day. In the Quality Management department of a precision foundry, she has gained insights into various analytical processes and learned a good deal about materials testing and alloy formation. This field of work was not foreign to her, as she had already informed herself about scientific and technical professions at STEM events early on.

I think that people tend to look closely at a woman working in this field. The job does require some skills, but I wouldn’t say that I have to perform better than men.

Dr. Vrauke Zeibig
oversees the anode factory at the Hamburg plant

Arriving at TRIMET, Zeibig started her professional career as a process engineer. For the Hamburg native, production is an exciting industrial area in which she can not only make a big difference but also take on a lot of responsibility. That creates a strong sense of identification.

Zeibig now oversees the anode factory at the Hamburg plant. Her team consists of 100 employees, with six employees under her direct management. What she particularly likes about her role as a manager is that she is able to directly influence developments.

Despite her intense work week, the engineer enjoys taking time out for young people interested in the industry. To this end, on September 14, 2022, Zeibig welcomed ten female students from Corvey secondary school to TRIMET and offered them insights into industrial production. The reason for their visit was the MINT:pink program, which aims to get girls interested in scientific nd technical professions.

You can find the full interview (GER) with the NAT initiative here.