TRIMET concludes long-term electricity contract for sites in France

EDF and TRIMET jointly strengthen France as an industrial location
The production of primary aluminum requires significant amounts of energy, as this process is electrically based.

TRIMET has concluded a long-term contract with the French energy supplier EDF for the supply of electricity to its production sites in France.

The contract secures the energy supply for the aluminium smelter in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne for a total of up to 22 terawatt hours over the next ten years. It provides for flexible components to effectively mitigate the risks associated with future market developments. The agreement continues the cooperation between the two partners, which has been in place since 2013.

“The agreement shows how a good partnership proves its worth in challenging times. The contract gives us the necessary assurance of planning security in France and ensures that this strategic material is produced where it is needed,” says TRIMET CEO Philipp Schlüter. “Aluminium is the metal of choice for the green transformation. We can now start ramping up production of low-carbon aluminium at our French sites. In doing so, we are consistently following our goal of climate-neutral aluminium production.” As a result of persistently high electricity prices, TRIMET had also cut back production at the aluminium smelter in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne last year. Following the signing of the new electricity supply contract, the company plans to ramp up production to full capacity in the coming months.

The TRIMET aluminium smelter in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne with its associated foundry produces about 150,000 metric tons of aluminium annually with a staff of around 600. TRIMET took over the venerable production plant in the Savoy Alps in 2013 and has continuously expanded the production capacity. EDF holds a 35% stake in TRIMET France SAS. In addition to the aluminium smelter, the company operates a foundry in Castelsarrasin. In France, TRIMET manufactures various high value-added products, including high-quality aluminum wire for electrical and mechanical purposes, which is processed into power cables and fasteners for the energy and automotive industries.