After Essen and Hamburg, now also Park & Load in Voerde


Four new parking spaces have been available at the TRIMET site in Voerde since September. They are reserved for electric and hybrid vehicles and also serve as an "electricity filling station".

Two charging columns with four charging points are installed on the areas marked in blue, which supply electric motors with "fuel". The decisive factor for the installation was that environmentally friendly driving is on the rise at TRIMET. The number of e-cars in the TRIMET fleet is increasing, and many colleagues regularly commute between the Voerde and Essen sites, where charging stations are already in place.

Now the circuit between the two sites is closed. The project was implemented in-house, supported by the NRW "Low-emission mobility" funding program. The parking and charging spaces are available for both customers and employees and are supplied with electricity from renewable energy sources. As a rule, it takes three hours to charge the battery of a hybrid vehicle. By the way, it doesn't have to stop at four spaces. As demand grows, the capacity can be doubled. The lines for two more pillars have already been laid.