TRIMET favors rapid expansion of renewable energy


TRIMET is committed to the rapid and increased expansion of power generation from renewable energy sources – for Germany will only remain competitive and viable as an industrial location with products manufactured in a climate-friendly manner. This is why, as a supplier of basic materials, we support the energy transition and provide solutions to key energy supply challenges through innovative processes.

The mechanical shutdown capability of our production plants and the flexibilization of the electrolysis process contribute to the stability of the electricity grid and the integration of fluctuating electricity volumes from wind and solar power plants. The carbon dioxide emissions generated during electricity production largely determine the CO2 footprint of primary aluminium. 

Currently, about 50% of the electricity we use for aluminium production in Germany comes from renewable energy sources. We want this share to increase even further. With that in mind, we view with concern progressively emerging hurdles to the further expansion of onshore and offshore wind power generation.

By: Wolfgang Nübold